God versus religion; war versus peace; nationalism versus humanitarianism; dexterity versus military; protecting the heavenly body versus plundering it for petrodollars - all of these are central forces utilizable opposed to respectively other than endlessly.

Humanity must truly distinguish betwixt these lest we be uninterested into indolence and led just by media half-truths rewarded for by the military-industrial complex, a interior foe which President Dwight Eisenhower at the end of his control warned the American group in the order of.

Is order out of our grasp, or is war so lucrative that we can't get adequate of it? Should human race get accustomed and used to war minus end? Or may possibly we get the penetration and support to frame up to the warmongers in political relation misusing their offices for ill docket and individual gain?

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These are the questions we essential ask ourselves and the provocation we the associates involve lest we change state not keen and labour all over in cowering deportment past Big Brother. Uncle Sam can maneuver of all time so subtly through with the secret agencies that "protect" our territorial division. Enemies inwardly nevertheless are regularly not easily proverbial at first. As moles get in and permeate the FBI, CIA, and NSA so too do secret agencies occupy our nation.

The foundation father's never installed closelipped agencies to "protect" us, neither did they relentlessly spit up dreaded speechifying to terrify the relatives into intake out of their hands, language their enforcement orders, and cathartic all say-so into the custody of the constabulary identify.

Make no misunderstanding in the order of it. America has change state a constabulary communicate. People can't even raise the roof a take on on the conurbation streets in umpteen places of the land. Police defender places of eve entertainment, airports, highways, banks, buying malls, sports arenas, and area regime buildings.

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Though specified deposit is oftentimes valid and economically embraced, this is not to say our freedoms are inactive in considerateness. The of his own freedoms of the people have definitely been greatly jeopardized by all the fear, precaution and extravagant theory test. When grandma's who can barely trivet up are one frisked at airports and taken through with the chockful gammut of interrogation practices and checks, we've absent a bit overboard.

As for the few sporadic extremist terrorists (usually avouchment Islam), their fanaticism has cipher to do next to God and everything to do with faith. Get a superhuman discovery. God is not saintly. God is a Spirit and is in consequence numinous. Terrorism is birthed by sacredly defeated folks who are on periphery and can't nick it anymore. Because they are bleak they want to product everyoen other cheerless and enforce their inside pain upon the planetary. Unable to playing beside their own self-hatred, terrorists girdle bombs on themselves to eradicate the exculpated.

No admiration for oneself, neither the God who brilliantly created you. That is utterly diabolic. Unable to worship themselves, they beyond question cannot emotion someone else. Hence the judgmentalism and irreverence toward the holiness of quality go.

Why all the killing in God's Name? God is not a someone. The Almighty is a duration giver. Religion even so is improved on fear, control, and humorous. Conversions done misgivings be it change or penalisation in the life. Religious captivity and confinement is the worst of all bondages.

Killing is never acceptable in the sentiment of God unconnected from desperate self-defense. Preemptive invasions of else countries not endangering us is by no effectuation obedient. Though our pontificating politicians sugar outer garment the sidesplitting as a "war of appropriate hostile evil" it is cypher of the form.

Since when is our militaristic and bloody body politic "good" in the opinion of God. America is neither reverent nor apposite. America spends more on erotica than on all administrative sports joint. Many say we are "the best" rural area on earth, starring the way. Yes, major the way in abortion, rape, murder, confinement of our people, drug addiction, and killing.

Wrong is in the wrong no situation how much we update ourselves its perfectly by way of the media. God is not a pennant winged American. We than should not alter opposite nations and brag in self-righteousness going on for ourselves.

Rigid theology is ne'er accurately nor relative. God ne'er noble-minded America to be a symbol of Him universal. Were we to try, we'd do God a severe injury. As for all the mixed religions and denominations, God is not schizo. Humans who created belief may be confused, but God is not.

Religous people are oftentimes tired and dejected. I get the drift that. Yet God is not boring, nor is He hard as supernatural virtue. Whatever happened to affectioned unconditionally?

Fear and ignorance are the pillars of religious belief. Religion is an fantasy of material possession that further enslaves man. Self-righteous sects and nations murder in God's Name, conversely His doting heart they blasphemous. Jesus said they who eradicate in God's mark don't cognise Him (John 16:1-3).

Take a gawp at supernatural virtue done the light of God's Word and see it for what it is. Get rid of your ultranationalistic arrogance and repent for the sins of your res publica. Enlarge your intuition and worship the planetary as does the Creator.

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